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Northumberland County Headstone Pictures

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

WELCOME: This is my contribution to "Preserve the past for the future"

My goal is to make our family tree research easier through photo-documentation of headstones.  

Below, is a list of cemeteries that we have transcribed burial information and photographs into database form. Please note - on the database - in the last column -if there are 2 xx's - it means I have listings of burials - but no pictures if there is 3 xxx's in the last column - it means I do not have any info on this cemetery.(all the ones in red)

These pictures are available to anyone of interest,  1 to 25 at no cost, through e-mail.  More than 25 a CD will be burned and snail mailed at a nominal $5.00 fee.

Put  "Headstone Pictures" on the subject line and send your request to:


My name is Lou Latsha and I plan on continuing Bruce's project.  I would appreciate any and all help I can get.


Databases were created with the permission of Joseph A. Meiser author of   "Meisers Burials of Northumberland County".
Through the Shamokin Library, and our local newspapers, obituaries were used to add information.
Headstones at the cemeteries provided additional entries.
Refining the databases will be an ongoing process for years to come.
Below is a list of Cemeteries, these are Not Links.


Welcome to Louise. The Riverview Cemetery in Northumberland is her primary
project. She has 6,000+ photo's and a database of information covering 12,000+
burials.  Contact Louise at
To Dave Donmoyer and Bill Polan for providing the Shamokin Cemetery burial records.
To my son Brandon, and my daughter Tara for their company during my cemetery runs, and their picture taking assistance.
To Christine Marino, who showed me the value of a database.


In each cemetery, I have taken pictures of every headstone and tried to identify all of them. In some cases positive identification could not be done due to the deterioration of the stone through weather and other outside forces.

Further research may help with these unreadable, or illegible stones.



Additional Photo's:
I have about 5000 additional photo's from cemeteries not yet databased.   I'll check for the Surnames upon request.
St. Edwards Cemetery, Coal Township.
St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Coal Township.
John Haile (recently deceased) has done a terrific job of photo-documenting the headstones in St. Edwards Cemetery in Coal Township. In 2006, he personally published the burial details of the 8,400+ burials in St. Edwards, including maps, photos and burial documentation, all in a handsome hardbound edition. The Northumberland County Historical Society may have this book. Limited information on St. Edwards can also be searched at the website.

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Photo requests and available burial info
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